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BIM advances into the cloud

(Left to right) Joanne Pringle, global product manager at NBS, Alan Smith, NBS labs manager and Stephen Hamil, director of research and innovation at NBS.

(Left to right) Joanne Pringle, global product manager at NBS, Alan Smith, NBS labs manager and Stephen Hamil, director of research and innovation at NBS.

The NBS Online Viewer, powered by Autodesk Forge is said to make it quick and easy for everyone working on a project to view a 3D model and associated specification through a web browser without the need for additional software. NBS is encouraging all construction industry professionals to join them in the next phase of its development.

NBS showed the global audience at Autodesk University London how, with just a web browser and a free NBS ID, projects are brought to life with linked manufacturer and specification data.

“As part of our existing suite of integrated solutions, the NBS Online Viewer provides huge efficiency gains for designers, manufacturers, contractors and building owners / operators alike, by allowing everyone to be informed on a project regardless of technology barriers,” said NBS chief executive, Richard Waterhouse.

He continued “By integrating the model and specification in the cloud, we will be providing a solution which provides and maintains critical data within the construction workflow and allows our customers to provide more value to their clients.”

NBS has developed plug-ins for BIM design software for a number of years, allowing its customers to better coordinate their models and specifications.

Presenting on the Autodesk Forge platform at the two-day conference, NBS director of research and innovation, Stephen Hamil, said: “The NBS Online Viewer development is in direct response from customers needing to be able to share and view coordinated design and specification information.

“Being able to view and interrogate this information from the context of a 3D model will allow for better, earlier informed decision-making on projects, whilst providing the right content and information to the right people at the right time.

“We encourage all those working on BIM projects to test drive the NBS Online Viewer. The public beta phase will be open for the next few months and from there we will determine how best to build the first release to market with the help of our customers.”

The tool works by combining the Autodesk Revit or IFC model and NBS Create specification in the cloud without the need for the user to licence or install any software. The model viewing technology used is part of the Autodesk Forge platform.

“Autodesk Forge provides the building blocks for our own solutions as well as our partners’ future software offerings,” said Jim Quanci, senior director, Autodesk partner development.

“We have developed a strong relationship with NBS and are delighted to see them using Forge to help shape the future of connected design and construction data,” he concluded.

Autodesk University took place on June 21 and 22, themed ‘The Future of Making Things’ and was attended by a global community of designers, engineers, clients, contractors, manufacturers and providers of construction industry solutions.