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Guttercrest is BIM-ready

Any organisation working on public-funded projects needs to be ‘BIM enabled’ at level 2.

Any organisation working on public-funded projects needs to be ‘BIM enabled’ at level 2.

The project to get Guttercrest BIM-ready has been 18 months in the making and the firm is finally launching a selection of its gutters and downpipes onto the UK BIM object library. The firm will continue to add to the store, until its entire product range and styles are available.

Guttercrest manufactures over 40 different standard types of aluminium gutters, downpipes, fascia, soffits and wall copings. Each file package includes compressive information on the product, designed for use with Autodesk Revit 2017.

BIM (Building Information Modelling) hit construction industry headlines last year after the Government’s mandate that all public sector projects need to utilise the BIM approach. The practice involves the creation of a single digital model that everyone can access and work from – architect, client, supplier and builder. The ‘3D only’ approach to designing buildings has the aim of eliminating waste, improving lead times and productivity. By simulating the build, processes can be streamlined and mistakes eliminated.

Gary Power, director at Guttercrest, explained: “Although complex, the regulations for BIM are here and we intend to work with them to improve working practices and simplify the design process for architects. We strive to make our BIM objects as true of a representation as possible to the real thing. I predict a growth in demand for BIM from all industries as contractors increasingly see the potential cost and time-savings in their construction projects.”