Introducing Fixit 222

Evolved Supplies, in partnership with Switzerland-based Fixit Group, has launched a new insulating render system, suitable for internal and external applications, that incorporates the aerogel insulating technology.

The aerogel granulates used in the system give this mineral-based product excellent thermal performance with a lambda value of 0.028 W/mk, which the manufacturer says is several times better than other plaster and render board systems.

The company says Fixit 222 is ideal for use in renovating old buildings to modern energy standards as well as for thermally insulating historic buildings and structures. It is equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

It can be used in conjunction with Evolved Supplies’ full range of Fixit products and, due to the mineral-based composition, the Fixit Aerogel insulating system offers optimal structural properties.

Key features of Fixit 222 include excellent thermal performance; the absence of Portland Cement; permeability to water vapour, preventing surface condensation and mildew growth; joint-free insulating layers meaning no thermal bridging; ability to achieve variable thickness, and machine application.