• Steve Bryceson, technical services manager, Marley Eternit: “Mainly associated with the South Eastern part of England, particularly Kent, Surrey and Sussex, clay tile hanging was used to provide weather protection on dormers and gables, traditionally in different shades of terracotta, red and orange”

    Vertically challenging

    Steve Bryceson, technical services manager at Marley Eternit, looks at the growing trend towards using clay roof tiles and fibre cement slates for vertical application, and discusses the benefits for contractors in offering a full envelope solution, including easy-to-install cladding products

  • Rob Daniel, Marley Eternit

    For Bim’s sake

    With just over three months to go until the Government’s 2016 BIM deadline, Rob Daniel, technical and BIM coordinator at Marley Eternit, advises that specialist contractors shouldn’t just do BIM for BIM’s sake, but should first assess their own business and individual project needs as well as making the most of free resources and training

  • Gavin White, Marley Eternit

    Setting the standard for dry fix systems

    With a new Dry Fix Standard set to be launched following concerns about inconsistencies in quality between systems, Gavin White, product manager from Marley Eternit, discusses the implications for roofing contractors and how purchasing dry fix systems from an established manufacturer can help them get ready for the new Standard.

  • Gavin White, Marley Eternit: “While the Government’s plans to create three million more apprentices by 2020 and the introduction of many apprenticeship schemes by contractors and the NFRC will help in the long run, labour is needed now if the industry is to capitalise on the immediate house-building opportunity”

    The great housing challenge

    Gavin White, product manager at Marley Eternit, says Government house-building targets offer a huge opportunity for the roofing and cladding industry if contractors and suppliers can work together to overcome skills challenges

  • Low Pitch Choices

    With growing demand for low pitch roof tiles and slates in the home improvement sector, Steve Bryceson, technical advisory services manager from Marley Eternit, discusses the choices now available to contractors, as well as the precautions for low pitch roofing.

  • The BS 5534 effect

    Almost six months on from the introduction of more stringent fixing requirements, Steve Bryceson, technical advisory services manager from Marley Eternit, discusses the impact of the revised BS 5534 on the roofing industry

  • Katie Prestidge, Marley Eternit: “Worryingly, recent research by the University of Nottingham found that two thirds of construction workers who were outside for an average of nearly seven hours a day, thought they were not at risk of skin cancer”

    Safe in the sun (and clouds)

    As part of Marley Eternit’s twelfth annual Safe in the Sun campaign, Katie Prestidge discusses misconceptions about skin cancer and the UK climate, and highlights the importance of better UV awareness in construction

  • Investing in the future of construction

    With apprenticeships high on the political and construction skills agenda, Julie Blair-Park, head of HR at Marley Eternit, discusses the progress made in the roofing and cladding industry and gives a personal insight from two manufacturing and contracting apprentices