• How to choose a dry fix system

    When BS 5534 comes into force at the end of the month, it is anticipated that a growing number of contractors will be moving over to dry fix systems. However, in this month’s Marley Eternit column, Gavin White warns that not all dry fix products are the same, and gives contractors advice on what to look out for when choosing a dry ridge system

  • Building a strong economy in 2015

    Paul Reed, sales and marketing director at Marley Eternit, discusses what impact the continuing economic recovery will have on the roofing and cladding industry and the key trends, challenges and opportunities to look out in 2015

  • Closing the skills gap is key to construction growth

    With growing concern that the skills shortage in the construction industry could hinder further growth, David Cassell, training manager at Marley Eternit, discusses what impact it is having on the roofing and cladding industry, and what actions could be taken to try and bridge the skills gap