Statement on Grenfell Tower

In a statement to Parliament, Sajid Javid provided an update on the full extent of the usage of the cladding systems which failed the fire safety tests. The key extracts of the speech affecting the market are below.

“With permission Mr Speaker, I would like to make a statement on the latest progress following the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower 12 weeks ago.

Across England there are 173 social housing buildings that are over 18m tall and clad with some form of aluminium composite material, or ACM.

In July, the Building Research Establishment began a series of large-scale fire safety tests on ACM cladding systems, comprising both the visible cladding and the internal insulation.

The aim was to establish whether each system, when properly fitted, complied with the relevant Building Regulations guidance, BR135.

Three of the seven cladding systems that were tested were found to meet the criteria set out in BR135.

The other four fell short of what was required.

The cladding systems that passed the test are in use on eight social housing towers.

Systems that failed are in use on 165.

The owners of affected buildings have been given detailed advice drawn up by our independent expert advisory panel.”

Sajid went on to say that the owners of affected buildings had been given advice by an independent expert advisory panel and said that they would be shortly meeting with local authorities and housing associations to discuss further steps.