Pitched Roofing

Picture the perfect panel

Norbord’s new SterlingOSB campaign, designed to promote sales of SterlingOSB panels through builders’ merchants, is focused around a theme of the product being “a great deal better”, and hosts a builders’ competition where weekly prizes can be won.

Designed to highlight SterlingOSB’s strengths in a host of construction tasks, the campaign uses icons so builders and merchant staff can identify at a glance what the panel can do.

Norbord says that, for the first time, OSB sales are ahead of plywood sales; as it is more cost-effective, homegrown and can do almost everything ply can do.

The simple icons highlight strength, consistency, performance in humidity, and various applications including walls, roofs and site hoardings. In addition, SterlingOSB has become a fashion statement, used decoratively as well as structurally in retail and hospitality environments.

David Connacher, Norbord’s brand and communications manager, commented: “As market leader, we want to continue to provide merchants with the support they need to help their customers see the benefits of SterlingOSB.

“The icons provide a quick and easy way for merchants and builders to see the main benefits of the product; as a reminder for those who use the panel, and as an information piece for those who may not have considered it before.”