Filon brings eastern principles to day-to-day operations

filonA recent investment in training has led to increased productivity and efficiency for Filon Products.

In 2013, the glass reinforced polyester roofing manufacturer appointed Skills Training UK to deliver a bespoke programme of training to staff with the aim of boosting the firm’s productivity.


The resulting Business Improvement Techniques (BIT) programme has recently been completed, with 23 of the 25 employees who began the training completing it successfully. The business employs a total of 73 staff.

The BIT programme involved training employees in the Japanese management discipline of Kaizen, which focuses on how to introduce continuous improvement in the workplace. Staff learnt how to identify ways to improve efficiency and eliminate wastage in their day-to-day jobs.


One of the improvement projects identified by staff – to eliminate wastage at one stage of the manufacturing process – saved the company well over œ1,000 on one order alone. When repeated throughout the year, the potential savings are expected to be high.


Paul Carney, supervisor storeman, who has been at Filon for 25 years, was one of the employees involved. He said:

“We were just doing things day-in day-out how we’d been told to do it. Now we’ve learnt Kaizen and completed the training, it’s making things a lot easier.”


Filon says another outcome from the training has been the establishment of a ?Continuous Improvement Team’ to ensure the business productivity gains continue.

Craig Bainbridge, production manager, said:

“The training has empowered the staff to know that they can contribute, whereas before the culture here was ?well, you’re the manager, you come up with all the ideas – that’s what you’re paid for.'” 

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