Scottish and Scottish Green Party include solar power in latest draft...

The Scottish government and Scottish Green Party will be addressing the climate emergency in their latest Energy Strategy.

Solar Energy UK urges government to treble solar PV capacity

Solar Energy UK has set out a roadmap to treble solar PV capacity over the next eight years, with its new report revealing the policy and regulatory changes required to unleash the full potential of solar energy in the UK.

Industry calls for action to follow landmark Net Zero legislation

Today legislation will be laid in Parliament committing the UK to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050

Sun shines on new solar record

Solar energy supplied nearly 25% of UK properties and overtakes nuclear for first time

Largest solar array in higher education

Bauder has delivered 1,731 solar panels to the University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol

New campaign hopes to keep power with the people

A joint effort by the STA and RenewableUK is urging the Government to rethink its proposed cuts to small-scale renewables by galvanising public support

Romag looks to “revolutionise roofing” with integrated PV tile

New Intecto concept sits flush with roof tiles to offer architects, house-builders and roofing contractors an aesthetic solar PV solution

Scottish support for solar remains strong despite subsidy cuts

Government plans to limit public spending on solar deployment has been met with proposals to remove solar from subsidies by 2020

STA reaches out across the border into Scotland

Newly formed STA Scotland will seek to increase the use of solar technologies in the country

Solar projects stand at record levels

Barbour ABI data suggests huge increase in solar market over 2014 and supports latest Government figures