Close contact provides results

John O'Raw, regional sales manager, Sika Sarnafil, explains the importance of working closely with the contractor and the client to deliver a reliable flat roof refurbishment that lasts the test of time

Quality results through technical support

Steve Cookson, technical services manager at Sika Liquid Plastics, discusses why technical support from a roofing system supplier plays such an important role in helping installers deliver the quality results that clients expect

Eye-catching solution to a range of complex roof installations

The ideal for any waterproof roof system is that it performs as designed. The roof, being a building’s most important feature, has to remain...

Construction’s image problem

Martin Bidewell, technical services manager for single ply roofing at Sika, explains why we need to challenge poor perceptions of the construction industry through new technology and high quality training to encourage fresh talent into the sector

Wind uplift: what are the risks and can you avoid them?

By Steve Cookson, technical services manager, Sika Liquid Plastics

Energy efficiency: Landlords warned to act now or pay later

Property owners face huge fines if their building falls short of Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES).

Improve tools and techniques to reduce project costs

Dean Grady, product manager at Sika Sarnafil, speaks to RCI about the reasons behind the launch of the company’s new Spray Applied Primer 610, which he says is set to radically reduce roofing installation times

The hot topic in managing risk

Steve Cookson, technical services manager at Sika Liquid Plastics, discusses the health and safety implications of using hot works on roof installation and refurbishment schemes and considers alternative approaches

“BBA continues to set the standard fifty years on”

Fifty-years-old this year, Sika says the British Board of Agrément (BBA) remains one of the construction industry’s most respected bodies in terms of product classification. The manufacturer says a BBA certificate carries a stamp of authority and is still the most effective way for a new product to gain vital credibility in an ever-increasing marketplace

Quality BIM objects key to supporting the future of digital construction

Martin Bidewell, technical services manager for Single Ply Roofing at Sika, breaks down the implications of BIM level 2 compliance and how manufacturers can support the process