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Non-combustible cladding systems cost less than foam-filled systems, according to Architectural...

All APL products and systems provided under the Cladsafe banner are guaranteed non-combustible or fire-retardant

Kalwall Panels used on Kings Mall Shopping Centre in Hammersmith

Recent redevelopment of the food court at Kings Mall Shopping centre, on a five-acre site in London’s Hammersmith area, exposed some interesting and complex challenges

Troldekt wood wool acoustic panels used on London’s Open Air Theatre...

The walls are clad with dark stained larch which helps to blur the distinction between building and landscape while creating a natural extension to the existing buildings along the edge of the site

Shackerley’s SureClad Ceramic Granite ventilated cladding system is specified for internationally...

The new Proton Beam Therapy Centre at The Christie, the internationally renowned cancer hospital in Manchester, is the first NHS facility of its kind in the UK

Spring in to the new Freefoam catalogue

The guide provides customers and users with the complete guide to the full range of Freefoam products

Architectural Profiles Limited is specified supplier to Porsche

As Porsche adopt a ‘non-combustible’ façade policy, Architectural Profiles Limited is proud to be a specified supplier of its façade claddings

Safeguard’s Stormdry now in 1 litre handy pack

Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream reportedly stops rain penetrating external walls, keeping them warm and dry

Freefoam cladding creates an ‘Ideal Home’

Freefoam products have been used to clad the exterior of the show home at this year’s Ideal Home Show

From factory to the home: The Freefoam supply chain

Freefoam has launched a new short video to showcase its supply chain

Focusing on the detail

Architectural Profiles Limited says it is proud of the fact that they can often provide what others can’t