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Marley launches ‘Safe in the Sun’ campaign

Marley has launched its ‘Safe in the Sun’ campaign to inform roofers and construction workers about the risks they face whilst working outdoors – and what they can do to protect themselves.

Prepare for extreme winter weather

As we head into the colder winter months and the risk of storms, heavy rainfall and snow increases, Stuart Nicholson, roof systems director from Marley, says all pitched roofs should be installed with extreme weather in mind.

Beauty on a budget

Demand for a premium clay roof aesthetic continues to grow, but as contractors face pressure to cut costs, Stuart Nicholson from Marley answers questions on how to get a beautiful clay roof on a budget

Inferior battens could be putting roofers at risk

Following concerns about inferior battens coming into the market, Stuart Nicholson, roof systems director for Marley, answers contractors' questions about safety and roofing battens

Key areas to consider for a seamless low pitch roof

Stuart Nicholson, director of roof systems at Marley, outlines how best to approach the preparation and specification of tiles for low pitch roofs

Opening up new revenue streams

Roofing contractors may regard solar panel solutions as a product offering that requires expert skill and specialist knowledge when it comes to successful installation. Yet with ease of installation at its core, Stuart Nicholson at Marley, highlights how the new Marley SolarTile offers a valuable commercial opportunity for roofers who have overlooked the potential of solar until now

The power of the sun

This summer sees Marley launch an integrated solar panel offer to meet the growing demand for low carbon energy generation. However, the summer months and warmer weather is also time for contractors working outdoors to be mindful of the dangers increased UV exposure can have on skin and eyes, as Stuart Nicholson from Marley discusses.

Ensuring business resilience in the ‘new normal’

As we all adjust to the ‘new normal’, how can contractors ensure their business remains resilient now and in the future? Stuart Nicholson from Marley discusses areas which contractors can look at to support their business, no matter what economic environment they are working in.

Avoiding call backs on repair jobs

In this article, Stuart Nicholson from Marley, outlines the steps contractors can take to reduce call backs if they are carrying out essential roof...

Protecting roofs from record rainfall

Following the wettest February on record, Tom Woodhouse, sites services manager from Marley, gives his top tips on preventing water ingress