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A contractor’s guide to the BS 5534 updates

Stuart Nicholson, roof systems director at Marley Eternit, explains the latest BS 5534 changes and how they will affect roofing contractors

Protecting workers and roofs from winter weather

With forecasters predicting months of snow, Tom Woodhouse, site services manager at Marley, gives contractors some top tips to make sure both workers and roofs are prepared for extreme winter weather

Technical troubleshooting: Dry verge systems

As the NHBC issues new guidance for installing dry verge systems, Gavin White, technical product manager at Marley Eternit, gives advice on how to overcome common fixing problems

A guide to cedar shingles

Marley Eternit has put together a step-by-step guide to show contractors how easy it is to create a stunning shingle roof

The problem with condensation

Tom Woodhouse, site services manager at Marley Eternit, discusses the challenge of condensation in housing projects and takes a look at common roof ventilation problems

Technical tips: Low pitch

Tom Woodhouse, site services manager at Marley Eternit, answers contractor questions about low pitch roofs

Vertically challenging

Steve Bryceson, technical services manager at Marley Eternit, looks at the growing trend towards using clay roof tiles and fibre cement slates for vertical application, and discusses the benefits for contractors in offering a full envelope solution, including easy-to-install cladding products

BS 8612: A guide to the new dry fix standard

Alex Gill, roof systems specialist at Marley Eternit, analyses the new dry fix standard that has come into effect and what this means for you

Low Pitch Choices

With growing demand for low pitch roof tiles and slates in the home improvement sector, Steve Bryceson, technical advisory services manager from Marley Eternit, discusses the choices now available to contractors, as well as the precautions for low pitch roofing.

To breathe or not to breathe?

Phillip Wallis, technical team manager from Marley Eternit, answers common underlay queries...