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Technical talk

From the use of fibre cement slates with breathable membranes, to concerns about low pitch roofs with longer rafter lengths, Phillip Wallis, technical team manager from Marley Eternit, answers some of the latest queries from roofing contractors

Technical tips: Low pitch

Tom Woodhouse, site services manager at Marley Eternit, answers contractor questions about low pitch roofs

How to choose a dry fix system

When BS 5534 comes into force at the end of the month, it is anticipated that a growing number of contractors will be moving over to dry fix systems. However, in this month's Marley Eternit column, Gavin White warns that not all dry fix products are the same, and gives contractors advice on what to look out for when choosing a dry ridge system

What to look for in graded battens…

Alex Gill, communications manager for JB Red at Marley Eternit, explains what makes a BS 5534 compliant batten and how roofing contractors can spot defects

The BS 5534 effect

Almost six months on from the introduction of more stringent fixing requirements, Steve Bryceson, technical advisory services manager from Marley Eternit, discusses the impact of the revised BS 5534 on the roofing industry

Post-Brexit: Regulations & standards

Steve Bryceson, technical manager from Marley Eternit, discusses the impact of Brexit on construction regulations and standards

Roofing and the circular economy

As the construction industry increases its focus on circular building practices, Katie Prestidge, from Marley Eternit, discusses the need to reduce waste and increase re-use in the roofing sector

Ahead of its time

Gavin White, product manager at Marley Eternit, discusses the rise of thin leading edge concrete slates and why they are helping to meet the budgetary and aesthetic demands of today's private housing market

A contractor’s guide to the BS 5534 updates

Stuart Nicholson, roof systems director at Marley Eternit, explains the latest BS 5534 changes and how they will affect roofing contractors

Underlaying differences

Gavin White, product manager from Marley Eternit, warns contractors that not all underlays have the same performance levels and gives advice on what to consider when choosing a membrane