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What to look for in graded battens…

Alex Gill, communications manager for JB Red at Marley Eternit, explains what makes a BS 5534 compliant batten and how roofing contractors can spot defects

Filling the gap

David Cassell, training manager from Marley Eternit, discusses the widening skills gap in the construction sector, plus explains why he feels mobile technology can help improve access to roofing experience and knowledge

Low Pitch Choices

With growing demand for low pitch roof tiles and slates in the home improvement sector, Steve Bryceson, technical advisory services manager from Marley Eternit, discusses the choices now available to contractors, as well as the precautions for low pitch roofing.

Save time without compromising on aesthetics

At the end of last year, the government launched the Building Better, Building Beautiful commission to focus on the importance of beauty in new housing developments, challenging so-called bland design and low-quality homes. Tom Woodhouse, site services manager at Marley discusses getting the balance right between speed and beauty of the roofing phase

Fibre cement: key questions

As the use of fibre cement slates continues to grow, Phillip Wallis, technical team manager from Marley Eternit, answers some of the most common fixing queries

Technical tips – clay plain tiles

Tom Woodhouse, site services manager at Marley Eternit, answers contractor questions about installing clay plain tiles

BS 8612: A guide to the new dry fix standard

Alex Gill, roof systems specialist at Marley Eternit, analyses the new dry fix standard that has come into effect and what this means for you

Weighing up the benefits of fibre cement

As the house-building sector looks towards faster methods of construction to increase volumes, Charlotte Hughes, product manager from Marley Eternit, discusses the advantages of fibre cement slate as a lightweight roofing and cladding material for offsite construction

Ahead of its time

Gavin White, product manager at Marley Eternit, discusses the rise of thin leading edge concrete slates and why they are helping to meet the budgetary and aesthetic demands of today's private housing market

How to reduce the risk of call-backs

While the security of pitched roofing has improved significantly over the past five years, at times contractors still get called back to site to repair defects. Here, Tom Woodhouse, site services manager at Marley, looks at some common roofing call-backs and how to avoid them