Marley says remember to stay ‘Safe in the Sun!’

Marley says that with temperatures set to rocket over the next week, builders’, roofers’ and contractors’ need to keep safe in the sun.

The message from Marley’s ‘Safe in the Sun’ campaign is simple:

  1. Cover up
    Make sure as much skin as possible is covered up, especially areas that burn easily, such as the shoulders. Whilst a hard hat is essential on-site, those incorporating a brim and flap to shade the face, ears and neck are best.
  1. Use sunscreen
    Use sunscreen of at least SPF 30 and a star rating of four or five on all exposed skin. Ideally apply 20 minutes before going outside, both evenly and regularly throughout the day. Consider using a water-resistant formula as it is more able to cope with the effects of sweating.
  1. Hydrate
    Working hard on-site in high temperatures means that the body loses fluid via sweat. To avoid dehydration, heat exhaustion and in extreme cases, heat stroke, drink regularly – ideally water – throughout the day.

For more details on Marley’s ‘Safe in the Sun’ campaign, visit: or call 01283 722222.

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