Sun shines on new solar record

The Solar Trade Association (STA) has claimed that electricity generated by solar power has overtaken electricity generated by nuclear power for the first time ever.

Paul Barwell, CEO at STA, said: “With the UK bathed in glorious sunshine today [26th May], we at the STA had forecasted that solar would break the previous record for output on a weekday. We were delighted that at around midday today 8.75GW was generated by solar, supplying nearly 25% of the UK’s total demand. This is the first time that solar has generated more than nuclear, second only to gas. Currently, 12.1GW of solar has been installed throughout the UK from Scotland to Cornwall, enough to power 3.8 million homes. This is a colossal achievement in just five years, and sends a very positive message to the UK that solar has a strong place in the decarbonisation of the UK energy sector.”