Gribben Solar Roofing and TaperedPlus deliver customised roof for eco-friendly London library

Work underway on the Northcote Library roof.
Work underway on the Northcote Library roof.

The new Northcote Library in the heart of London is one of the country’s most energy efficient public buildings partly due to the contribution of its customised roofing system delivered by Gribben Solar Roofing Ltd in partnership with TaperedPlus.

The three-storey library which also includes community facilities, a nursery, flats and retail units across two sites in Battersea, replacing a smaller library on the site that dated from the 1960s.

Main contractor McLaughlin & Harvey tasked Gribben Solar Roofing with the installation of a high-quality, durable, and energy efficient roofing system capable of providing long-lasting protection.

It engaged TaperedPlus to design, and supply the flat roofing system and insulation, which incorporates its innovative new ROCKdeck product, a non-combustible and robust insulation system specifically designed for balconies, terraces, and areas that require roof mounted equipment, including solar panels and air conditioning units.

Working closely with Gribben Solar Roofing, its design team created a customised system to meet the demands of the complex project, which comprised several individual areas of flat roofing. In addition to solar panels, it also features several eco-friendly living roofs designed to increase biodiversity and reduce and slow stormwater run-off.

THE ROCKdeck system combines the non-combustible and dual density properties of ROCKWOOL insulation with 12.7mm coverboard which provides long term point load and permanent load capabilities, tested to BS/EN 1606-2013.

The building, which has achieved an A-grade energy rating, incorporates the latest carbon reduction technology to help Wandsworth Council meet its climate change targets, with the solar roof panels generating electricity while double glazing and improved insulation cuts energy consumption.

Paul Gribben, managing director of Gribben Solar Roofing, said: “A thorough design and engineering phase resulted in a customised roofing solution incorporating  the latest technology and materials – which has played a major part in the building achieving a drastically reduced carbon footprint and making it one of the country’s most energy efficient public buildings.”

“The new roof is already making a significant impact by reducing energy costs and providing a more comfortable and protected environment for the library’s patrons and staff. The project was completed on time and within budget.”

Aman Chahal, CEO of TaperedPlus added: “We are pleased that our ROCKdeck system, which plays an integral part in the new flat roofing system, is already proving a success – providing the library with a durable, non-combustible, and energy efficient roofing solution that will last for many years to come.”

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