IPP launches new Magply roofing brochure

Manufacturer of the versatile Magply fire-rated boards, IPP Ltd. has published a new guide for specifiers entitled ‘Magply Roofing,’ which aims to provide consultants and contractors with concise informant on the high quality MgO products benefits’ and potential uses.

The four-page brochure begins by outlining applications including structural decking, multi-purpose sheathing, recovery & protection and as a substrate for bitumen felt liquid waterproofing.  The guide also covers Magply’s use beneath lead & hard metals, as well as single layer membranes and cappings.  Stand-out symbols at the bottom of the page illustrate that Magply boards provide moisture protection, mould resistance, are breathable and environmentally friendly while helping to reduce sound transmission.  Then for the installer, the boards are strong as well as easy to cut and fit.

With a maximum working temperature of 2400 degrees Centigrade, the Magply A1 non-combustible boards can be laid on hot bitumen, PU adhesive or employing mechanical fixings.  Importantly they feature a Magnesium Oxy-Sulphate formulation and a manufacturing process which ensures a very low chloride content:  enhancing both stability and durability.  Magply carries internationally recognised accreditations confirming the board’s ability to deliver fire integrity, racking strength, impact resistance and excellent pull-out strength; seeing the product increasingly use for pattresses in high-rise housing.

The versatile boards are available in thicknesses of 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 20mm, in sheet sizes measuring 2400mm x 1200mm.  Technical data listed includes thermal conductivity of 0.19W/mK and vapour resistance of 0.31MNs/g (EN ISO 12572), while rigorous fire testing of the boards delivers a Class 0 Euroclass EN13501 A1 (non-combustible) rating. Reaction to fire further passes BS EN 1716.

To assist designers and site supervisors, the later pages present: ‘Technical buildouts’, which use graphically illustrated and clear CGI drawings on how to install the board as part of a cold roof deck, warm roof with metal decking, an inverted roof metal deck as well as an upstand & capped standard deck.

IPP LTD. offers a full technical advisory service with site support where required.


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