Ten years on and still performing at SSE

fir074-wembley-arena48The SSE Arena Wembley has played host to countless world class performances over the years, and Firestone says it is now celebrating one of the most enduring: the UltraPly TPO roofing membrane that was installed ten years ago.

As part of a £35m refurbishment completed in 2006, the Firestone UltraPly TPO membrane provides a light-coloured, environmentally friendly solution for the building’s 10,000m² sloping roof.

Combining aesthetic appeal with UV resistance, seam strength and long-lasting waterproofing performance, Firestone says the advanced thermoplastic polyolefin membrane has stood the test of time and is still providing the same reliable protection for the global superstars, music fans and sports enthusiasts that frequent the arena ten years later.

The ten-year anniversary at SSE Arena Wembley coincides with the 20-year anniversary of the first UltraPly TPO installation in the USA which is still performing well today. Since then, hundreds of millions of square metres of UltraPly TPO have been installed worldwide with equally durable results from the sub-zero temperatures of Canada to the high humidity of South East Asia, and everywhere in between.

Firestone’s technical team was involved in the SSE Arena Wembley installation from the project’s concept through design, specification and the installation programme, ensuring that the fully adhered system was properly installed for maximum performance with minimum wastage.

Peter Fewings, technical and building services manager at SSE Arena Wembley, said: “The roof needs to look great, withstand footfall for maintenance teams and offer high performance, low-maintenance protection for the building. Firestone’s UltraPly TPO has ticked all these boxes for the past decade and shows no signs of bowing out any time soon.”