CIGA holds cavity wall insulation installers to account with new commitment

cigaThe Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA) has launched a new Call Back Pledge commitment to further improve its customer service and hold the industry to account over poor installations.

The new policy will see every claimant whose concerns are being dealt with by an installer contacted by CIGA after two months to check the progress of any work being done, and the level of consumer satisfaction. If the claimant raises concerns with the installer’s service, CIGA will consider disciplinary action and, when necessary, step in to resolve the issue.

Gerry Miller, chief executive of CIGA, said:

“CIGA’s number one focus at the moment is setting up the tools we need to provide a consistently good service to consumers and hold the industry to account. We’ve already announced that we’re hiring an independent Consumer Champion who will help CIGA work for consumers, and this pledge will continue in that vein.

“The Call Back Pledge will help to address the very small number who later on in the process may have slipped through the cracks and been let down by the industry. We know that only the best service, every time, is enough.


“This pledge will ensure we have oversight of every claimant. CIGA exists to protect consumers and we take that responsibility very seriously.”

According to CIGA, cavity wall insulation is an extremely reliable technology, with the agency having issued close to six million guarantees with only two in a thousand resulting in a claim.

However, CIGA believes there are cases where consumers who have been put in touch with their installers haven’t had the service they deserve. The new pledge is intended to address these few instances by ensuring that customers are being treated correctly.

A spokesperson for CIGA told Roofzine:

“[CIGA] is going to be more proactive and actually take the initiative. By calling everyone within two months, if they’re immediately not happy, then the problem – if there is one – won’t escalate. We can fix it and deal with it immediately.

“If there is a spate of problems all at once, then CIGA can step in and hold that installer to account rather than get a spate of complaints over a long period of time. If they know there is a problem area immediately, they can fix it quicker.

“It is to make sure CIGA is fulfilling its consumer duty and proactively improve its customer services.”

The pledge applies to all installations taking place after April 8, 2015

To find out more about CIGA’s Call Back Pledge, click here

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