IKO enertherm incorporates Micro Cell Technology

Enertherm Huisje new 2015 smallIKO has announced the official launch of its BBA approved insulation board, IKO enertherm, which is made with Micro Cell Technology (MCT).

The insulation board has a multi-layer lamination for long lasting performance and a 0.022W/(m.K) lambda value, which means thermal insulation values can be met using thinner boards.

The company says that Micro Cell Technology means IKO enertherm insulation boards retain their shape and dimensional stability longer than some other PIR boards.

MCT has a very low long-term moisture absorption rate (<0.6%) which means the boards are rot and mould-resistant and don’t get heavier due to absorbing water, which reduces the thermal performance of the board.

IKO says the MCT structure also gives enertherm more flexibility and excellent compressive strength, so the boards can be trafficked or walked on without rupturing or leaving indentations.

A new Design and Specification Guide for IKO enertherm is available from IKO on 01257 256 865 or by tweeting @ikoplc for a direct link.

IKO enertherm is available in various options to insulate flat and pitched roofs, lofts, basements, floors, cavity walls and outside walls.


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