QuadCore 2.0 offers increased recycled content and two-hour fire resistance

The latest development of Kingspan’s unique, self-blended insulation technology, ‘QuadCore 2.0’, demonstrates that innovation and product performance enhancement do not need to come at the sacrifice of our planet.

QuadCore 2.0 is made with a formulation containing a raw material that uses 40% recycled Polyethylene terephthalate (PET). This innovative formulation has satisfied the requirements for a two-hour fire resistance in third-party fire tests for both insulation and integrity — making it the first closed cell insulated panel system to ever achieve this rating.

QuadCore 2.0 is a key step towards one of Kingspan’s Planet Passionate goals to ensure Kingspan recycles 1 billion PET bottles by 2030 and for QuadCore Technology to utilise recycled PET by 2025. The EN1364-1 fire resistance test was conducted by WarringtonFire using our next generation QuadCore 2.0 with 220mm thick, 1100mm wide coldstore, through fix insulated panels, satisfying the requirements of EI 120 and obtained without the need for stitching screws to secure the panel joints. During testing, the furnace reached a temperature in excess of 1000°C.

Mike Stenson, head of innovation, commented: “Since its launch in 2016, our QuadCore Technology has been at the forefront of closed cell insulation innovation, with an unrivalled combination of thermal efficiency, fire performance, environmental credentials and warranty offering. Within our innovation and chemical development teams, we are continuously striving to take each of these performance factors to the next level, creating an insulation technology truly designed with future building performance in mind.

“The inclusion of recycled PET as a raw material in our formulation is a key objective for us globally, as we work towards a more circular approach, with our new breakthrough significantly enhancing performance. The expertise in blended chemical systems available to us following the acquisition of Synthesia in 2017 has helped to make this step change in both sustainability and fire performance possible- as this EI 120 test result shows.”

The QuadCore 2.0 insulated panel range is currently going through a further rigorous testing and certification programme, including reaction to fire and various insurer backed standards. Once completed, the first products containing the new core are expected to be ready for market in 2022.