Ahead of the game in environmental standards

British lead sheet manufacturer Midland Lead says it is one of the first in the lead industry to have been awarded the new ISO 14001 2015 Environmental Management accreditation by the British Standards Institution (BSI).

In a bid to support emissions reductions in the UK, Midland Lead’s recent improvements included investment in a new energy-efficient crane for the company’s refining plant. It also included truck upgrades, purchasing five Autogas (LPG)-operated forklifts, which reduce CO2 exhaust emissions, and replacing halogen light bulbs with LED light bulbs across the factory.

Midland Lead’s managing director, Boudewijn Tuinenburg, said: “It’s fantastic to have been awarded the updated ISO so soon after being audited. This certification delivers more than regulatory compliance and the ability to meet supplier requirements. ISO 14001 also helps us make our day-to-day operations more sustainable, which as well as being great for the environment, also saves the business money and engages our employees.”

Introduced in July 2015, one of the major changes to ISO 14001 2015 is a focus on identifying lifecycles, with the aim of getting organisations to consider their wider impact from cradle to grave by using their environmental influence throughout supply chains.

In addition to Midland Lead’s factory and supply chain improvements, the ISO’s updates align with the nature of the company’s lead sheet product, which is expected to last more than 60 years and is made from 100% recycled lead.

Boudewijn added: “While we have passed this audit with flying colours, there is always more that can be done to decrease our environmental impact,” he went on to add that the firm is currently exploring new technologies such as heat exchange and gas turbines to further maximise the way in which energy is used in manufacturing processes.