BSR publishes enforcement policy statement

Credit: AdobeStock/Jay
Credit: AdobeStock/Jay

The Building Safety Regulator (BSR) has published its Enforcement Policy Statement which sets out the organisation’s approach to enforcement and outlines where it will take action to enforce the law when issues of non-compliance, hazard or serious risk have been identified.

The Statement includes the enforcement methods available to the BSR such as:

  • Providing written information regarding breaches of law
  • Verbal warnings
  • Requiring improvements in the way risks are controlled and managed
  • Requiring action to be taken to remedy non-compliance
  • Stopping certain activities where they create serious risks or where they do not comply with relevant requirements
  • Recommending and bringing prosecutions where there has been a serious breach of law
  • Seeking appointment of special measures managers when an appointed person for a higher-risk building fails to carry out building safety functions

This news comes after the BSR published its three-year plan and just as it announces that Philip White, the Health and Safety Executive’s director of building safety, will continue in his current role leading the BSR on a permanent basis.

Philip has been leading the work to fully establish the BSR since taking over from Peter Baker in April 2023.

The permanent appointment will ensure continuity for the programme as well as strong and experienced leadership at a vital stage of developing the new regulatory regime.

As HSE’s DoBS, Philip will continue to perform the duties of the Chief Inspector of buildings working closely with BSR’s statutory industry and resident committees to ensure both industry and residents are heard at the heart of the new regime.

He will keep the programme on course to deliver against agreed timelines and milestones including championing the need for culture change in industry and highlighting the need for collective responsibility to improve building safety.

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