Building Safety Regulator publishes charging scheme

Row of high-rise buildings.

The Building Safety Regulator (BSR) has published its charging scheme, set to come into force from 1 October 2023 along with a raft of other regulations.

The document lays out the BSR’s charges, as they are defined in the Building Safety (Regulator’s Charges) Regulations 2023, and how they are to be calculated, who will pay and the basis of the charges, until it is replaced by a later published version of the charging scheme.

This information is supplemented by annexes that explain how charges are calculated, how payments and repayments are processed, and the queries and disputes process.

The calculated hourly rate for staff will be applied to the total time spent undertaking the functions and used to calculate a total charge for the relevant functions. This means that charges will be sufficient, taking one year with another, to cover such expenditure as may be incurred by or on behalf of BSR in relation to the chargeable functions.

Charges will apply as and when a chargeable function is commenced in law. Where figures are provided for functions not yet commenced, then these are provided as indicative amounts only and are subject to change.

The organisation said that the reason for using a charging scheme is that it provides greater flexibility when updating charges as it is not reliant on parliamentary time. The statutory instrument – the Building Safety (Regulator’s Charges) Regulations 2023 – will be remade as necessary to amend the chargeable functions or other provisions.

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