Etex acquires Superglass

Theresa McLean, new CEO of Superglass
Theresa McLean, new CEO of Superglass.

Etex has acquired UK insulation producer Superglass, extending its European footprint for sustainable insulation.

The deal will enable Etex to expand Superglass’ activities in the UK and while complimenting the extensive European sales and production network of its Insulation division.

Etex’s Insulation division now consists of 11 plants across Europe, over 1,500 employees and two brands: Superglass and URSA.

Bernard Delvaux, CEO of Etex, said: “Etex has a clear focus to be the most innovative and sustainable global lightweight building material manufacturer. Joining forces with Superglass today is a great step forward on our growth path in insulation, just one year after we acquired URSA. The need for energy efficient and sustainable buildings is crucial, and Superglass and URSA are a perfect answer for it.

Jochen Friedrichs, head of the insulation division at Etex, added: “Superglass’ growth over the past decade and its team’s commitment to customer service and sustainability is impressive and complements perfectly the Etex portfolio in the UK as well as our insulation footprint in Europe via URSA. We are delighted to welcome Superglass to the Etex team. The organisation will become a new market area and the first one outside continental Europe for the Insulation division.

The UK activities will be led by Theresa McLean as general manager UK, who has successfully run Superglass over the last few years.

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