FGF Limited – Fine tuning for the future

Kristy Driver-Gray, managing director of FGF Limited
Kristy Driver-Gray, managing director of FGF Limited

Over the last two years, significant investments in infrastructure and machinery has enabled FGF Limited to restructure and focus on improving its quality control, efficiency, and communication.

Recognising the value and importance of promoting women in construction, Kristy Driver-Gray was appointed managing director of the company, the first female managing director in 65 years.

Along with the experienced senior management team, Kristy has implemented numerous progressive changes across the business, including relocating the north west operation to new, much larger premises.

“We play an important role in the construction and engineering industries, manufacturing and supplying products across the UK. Customer service is at the forefront of our organisation and our diverse knowledge on sectors and products makes FGF a unique business,” said Kristy.

With over 65 years servicing the industry, FGF manufactures and supplies products including façades, insulation and fire protection, along with a vast range of bespoke cut, machined and bonded products.

Gerard Abbott Drake, one of the company’s owners, said: “In the current climate, we have the opportunity to prepare and plan for the future. Sustainable, profitable growth can only be accomplished by constantly evolving and improving our quality and customer service. I am confident the team we now have in place will deliver that.”