Green roofs continue to grow in 2016

Aligned with the rise in sustainable and energy efficient construction, the number of planning applications for green roofs across Great Britain in 2016 saw a 34% increase compared to the figures registered in 2015.

According to recent data published by Barbour Product Search, it was the southern regions of England that dominated green roof applications in 2016, accounting for 65% of the total. Regionally, London accounted for the highest number of applications with 266 in the year.

Across all the construction sectors it was housing that generated the most green roof applications in 2016, with 42% of the total, almost three times the amount from the second placed commercial & retail sector.

Until last year, applications for green roofs had been stagnant since 2013. The boost in application numbers has been linked to a number of factors such as biodiversity awareness, environmental effects and the potential financial benefits from installing a green roof.

Commenting on the figures, Michael Dall, lead economist at Barbour ABI, sister company to Barbour Product Search, said: “With an ever-growing concerted effort to make cities greener, it is no surprise to see London lead all regions with 47% of green roof applications in 2016.

“Furthermore, we must also consider the spread of wealth throughout the country – with property and new build projects predominantly more expensive in southern England, residents need a larger income, thus often having more flexibility to add a green roof to their properties.”