Insulation sector gets seal of approval from architects

insulationA new report has found that the insulation industry is considered to have the best approach when working with architects.

The European Architectural Barometer for the final quarter of 2014 surveyed 1,600 architects across eight European countries – including the UK – to examine which manufacturers of aesthetical, functional and technical products across the supply chain had the best approach to the architectural sector.

Manufacturers like ROCKWOOL, Kingspan and ISOVER were mentioned as having the best methods, with Kingspan proving particularly popular within the functional products market.

However, the report also found that manufacturers should be aware of the amount of information they distribute. According to the Barometer, approximately half of the architects in all eight countries think the sales and marketing efforts of manufacturers is currently good. However, the irritation point is close by, with one in five architects in the UK and Netherlands already thinking it is too much and therefore an annoyance. This number could soon grow, with approximately 25% of the architects surveyed in each country believing the level of information they receive is too much but still not irritating.

The study also found which services offered by manufacturers are considered by architects to be the most important. It stated that the most sought after characteristic of a company’s market presence is a clear website, followed by technical advisors to assist on projects and a hotline for technical questions.

When focused on UK architects specifically, the report found that a high quality design service was the most sought after of any of the eight countries included.

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