Jewson launches awards to celebrate industry’s sustainability champions

Jewson has launched the Making Better Homes Awards to recognise those in the industry who are working hard to create energy efficient, safe and comfortable homes.

The Awards come as the builders’ merchant reports that in the last 12 months, 55% of homeowners have experienced problems in their homes relating to poor indoor air quality or ventilation, including condensation (52%), mould in at least one room (26%), leaks (25%) and damaged walls (23%).

Of these, more than two fifths (44%) said they’ve experienced a mixture of side effects and symptoms from allergies, dry eyes and chest infections to poor sleep, low mood and difficulty concentrating.

Jewson will now recognise tradespeople, builders and installers across the country who’re playing a key role in making the UK’s housing stock higher quality, more comfortable, and more energy efficient.

Matthew Handley, category innovation manager at Jewson, said: “There’s been an increased awareness on the dangers of mould, condensation and other issues relating to poor indoor air quality in the last 12 months due to shocking news stories that show why ventilation is such an important part of our homes. But poor indoor air quality is just one challenge our research highlighted. 

“Homeowners are also struggling with keeping their homes cool in the summer, as many of us experienced with the recent heatwaves, and are worried about rising energy bills this winter. These problems all impact people in terms of comfort, health and wellbeing, which is why it’s so important to build homes that are energy efficient and benefit people and the planet. 

“We know what a pivotal role the nation’s tradespeople, builders and installers have in improving the nation’s housing stock – whether through retrofit projects or building new homes. That’s why we’ve launched the Making Better Homes Awards, to recognise those who improve the day to day lives of their customers, as well as build properties that are sustainable and comfortable. There are three different categories to choose from, and we encourage anyone who’s playing a key role in this transformational period for UK housing to enter.”

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