Knauf Insulation puts local energy efficiency in the spotlight

LAEIKnauf Insulation has unveiled a new pilot scheme assessing the efforts of local authorities to improve energy efficiency.

The Local Authority Energy Index analysed 25 councils covering a range of diverse areas around the country. It is designed to provide a repository of information regarding the work being undertaken and reveal which are performing well. Those included have been scored on a number of indicators, including energy efficiency in the community and housing, as well as energy management within their own buildings and the energy infrastructure that they oversee.

The initial iteration of the scheme, unveiled at the House of Commons on December 10, found that Southampton topped the list, with Kingston-upon-Hull, Peterborough, Leeds and Coventry following closely behind.

The Index also offers each individual Authority potential strategies to improve energy management in their area based on their current score.

Chris Witte, marketing director for Northern Europe at Knauf Insulation, said:

“Many Councils have already taken steps to improve the energy efficiency of homes, offices and local transport both within their estate and in the communities that they serve. Indeed, this report seeks to recognise the excellent work many are undertaking, usually in difficult circumstances.

“The Local Authority Energy Index looks at these successes and also seeks to better understand the barriers that have prevented some councils from doing more. We foresee this Energy Index will add to existing knowledge and help to share best practice by benchmarking progress and activity, as well as offering a platform for debate.”

Knauf Insulation says it involved itself in the activities of local authorities in an effort to investigate policy certainty, and seek evidence for the energy efficiency industry to build confidence. It was also motivated by the results of a report commissioned by the Energy Bill Revolution, which found that the adoption of a new approach to energy efficiency could result in savings worth billions for UK households and Government.

Speaking at the Index’s launch, Steven Fawks, co-author the Local Authority Energy Index, said: “Over the last few years we have recognised the real economic potential of achieving efficiency and we’ve recognised that efficiency is the fastest, cleanest and cheapest source of energy services.

“We now really do need to accelerate the rate of improvement in energy efficiency, and the index is a tool for helping that to happen.”

The notion of a single source of information regarding the energy efficiency efforts of councils around the country has gained support from many involved in the relevant sectors.

Richard Griffiths, senior policy and campaigns consultant for the UK Green Building Council, said:

“Anything that engenders a sharing of best practice and to some extent some competition is always a good thing. There’s nothing like a league table to make people want to get to the top.

“The very presence of a league table also shows that there are people taking the lead in this area and there are huge opportunities for people at the bottom to share best practice with those at the top.”

The Index also received parliamentary suppor

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