Ladder Association draws attention to ?idiots on ladders’

laddersThe ?biggest idiot on a ladder’ has been crowned after a record-breaking number of entries to 2014’s competition, organised by the Ladder Association.

The winning Idiots on Ladders picture received nearly 60% more votes than its two joint runners-up. It showed two men inside the bucket of an excavator that was already around 20 feet off the ground, with one of them footing the ladder in the bucket so the other could climb to the top.

Michael Fern, Ladder Association communications and social media officer, said:

“This year (2014) the public sent in more pictures of people working dangerously at height than ever before, and some of the pictures were among the most unbelievable we have seen.


“Along with the winner, one of the runners up also showed a ladder being used from inside an excavator, hinting at how worryingly common even ideas as ridiculous as these can be.”

The third place runner-up depicted a ladder being used to traverse between two pitched roofs, with apparently nothing to prevent the ladder, or tradesmen, from falling.

Mr. Fern added:

“Idiots on Ladders is a great reminder of the importance of training. Its message is clear – if you are using a ladder you must make sure that you are competent, otherwise you really are taking your life in your hands.”


Every year, the Idiots on Ladders contest is run online as part of the Ladder Exchange, which helps people ensure they are using safe equipment by allowing people and businesses to trade-in ladders – regardless of their condition – for new ones at a discount. During 2014’s initiative, over 15% more ladders were traded than in the previous year, continuing its three straight years of growth since being taken over by the Ladder Association in 2012.

The Ladder Association is already planning for the 2015 Ladder Exchange, which will take place in autumn.

The full Idiots on Ladders picture galleries from the past three years can be found on the Ladder Association Facebook page.

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