M&J Group: 2017 Strategy for Growth

Jack Henrickson, contracts director, explains M&J Group’s plans for 2017

As we say goodbye to 2016, a spectacular year for so many reasons, and we wait to see the ripple effect that some of these events will inevitably have on 2017, M&J Group is pleased to report that year-on-year growth continues to surpass targets and 2016 was no exception for M&J. Not only did we surpass our growth targets, but profitability continued on the upward curve, matching our growth, stride for stride.

With some many areas of the media seeking to talk down the economy as a whole and in particular the construction industry, Tim Gibbs, managing director of M&J Group, said: “It is important to report the good news, we all receive encouragement when we see what can be achieved and at M&J Group we have consistently combined our strategic growth plans with solid profits, providing for a very stable business going forward.”

Profitability can be interpreted in many ways, but to the M&J Group, profitability is a good result for all parties, not only do our staff benefit – all of whom are on our profit related pay scheme – but so do our customers.

How do our customers benefit?: Through continuous and determined improvements in M&Js service provision, combined with the significant commitment and investment in training -all funded through our profitability- the quality of our end product continues to improve on all levels. In addition to which, the growth in our overall business means we have a stronger purchasing position, much of the resultant savings are passed directly onto our customers.

This is of course part of our overall strategy and it is what creates a sort of spiral effect, enabling us to win more work by having a better trained, more effective workforce and purchasing products at lower costs. It really is the perpetual ‘hamster wheel’ of success and of course if we are winning more work our prices must be lower than our competitors. It is a win-win all round for M&J Group and our customers.

M&J Group’s business is totally debt-free and has excellent liquid cash resource. This is despite the recent cash investment in new premises providing us with 35,000ft² of office and warehousing, all of which is necessary for our continued growth strategy. The site is currently being fully refurbished and will contain a state of the art training centre. Add to this the recent acquisition of slate and tiling company Lee Moore & Son, further expanding our service offer to our clients: all in all, up to £3m investment of confidence in our business going forward.

Watch this space for what the M&J Group are going to do next. Managing director Tim Gibbs goes on to say: “I have been at M&J for 20 years now and have seen many changes, but no period has been as exciting and challenging as where we are today. The future of our business is based on rock solid foundations, which includes a ‘2A1’ credit rating from Dun & Bradstreet. A young and vibrant management team and workforce, who have extensively all learnt their trade at M&J. Whilst recognising the value of looking after our existing clients, M&J never stop looking for the next opportunity. Whatever 2017 brings, M&J are ready to respond.”