New survey to determine status of UK solar industry

STA Solar Trade Association logoThe Solar Trade Association (STA) and PwC have launched an online survey in order to assess the status of the UK solar industry after major changes to the policy framework for solar power in the UK.

The confidential online survey is open to all solar companies based in the UK to respond to over the next two weeks and the results will be given to Ministers and published in a public report in early summer.

Leonie Green, head of external affairs at the STA, said: “Solar has had the great majority of its support removed very rapidly in the UK, and just when it had parity with fossil fuels within sight.

“At the STA we know many solar companies are having a difficult time and indeed some have been lost, and with them some highly skilled people. However, it is important that we systematically quantify what the impact of these policy changes has been in order to provide a really clear & accurate picture.

“A comprehensive survey is essential for an informed discussion with Government and Parliament and there will be strong interest in how the industry is faring.”

As part of the new survey, the STA will be making contact with the 200 companies whom responded to a previous survey at the end of last year in order to assess what has happened to their businesses.

John Dashwood, head of renewables, assurance at PwC, said: “The solar industry is exceptionally innovative and adaptable. However, it is undoubtedly facing some serious challenges in the UK. Now is therefore an important time to assess what the current challenges and uncertainty have had on UK solar business health today and in confidence going forward. How authoritative our report is will depend on how many companies respond – so we urge companies to please do so.” 

The survey is confidential and all responses will be anonymised and can be found at:

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