Party letter aims to make health and safety an election issue

The British Safety Council has written to six of the main political parties vying for power in the upcoming General Election to find out about their potential plans for health and safety.

The letter has been addressed to the Conservative, Green, Labour, Liberal Democrat, SNP and UKIP parties, as the Council says it is certain that one or more of these will be in Government.

Neal Stone, acting chief executive of the British Safety Council, said: “With less than two months to the General Election, we wanted to hear from the parties ahead of the election what their plans and priorities are for ensuring that those at work are kept healthy and safe.

“Their views on how they plan to help grow a sustainable economy, and the role that good health and safety will play in achieving that goal, are of vital importance to British Safety Council, our member organisations and their employees.”

The letter puts three questions to the political parties, the first of which concerns how health and safety are regulated. In particular, it asks how effective each of the parties believes the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Local Authorities are in reducing risks.

The letter then asked what role employers have to play in addressing the nation’s health problems, which the British Safety Council claims are attributable to around 80% of lost working days.

The Council’s final question asks if there should be greater rewards for employers who invest in good health and safety, such as through incentives like tax breaks or reduced insurance premiums.

The British Safety Council says it is planning to publish any responses it receives from the six parties in its May 2015 edition of Safety Management. To read a copy of the letter, click here.

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