Pitched roof spray foam insulation – is it time here or not?

Neil Marshall is head of Insulation Alliances of England, Scotland and Wales
Neil Marshall is head of Insulation Alliances of England, Scotland and Wales

According to independent consultant Neil Marshall, for years pitched roof spray foam insulation has been the poor relation in the insulation sector, due to a lack of understanding of the benefits, a lack of credible industry representation, and being excluded from a number of grant schemes and funding. 

However, that has now changed, following the government’s decision to include pitched roof spray foam insulation within the new Green Homes Grant scheme, enabling householders to obtain a grant for two thirds of the cost.

But is the spray foam insulation industry in a position to capitalise on this opportunity or not, asks Neil? Will the manufacturers be able to ramp up too satisfy demand? And what about installer accreditation?

Neil said: “Spray foam insulation installers require PAS2030 and Trustmark accreditation to participate in the Green Homes Grant scheme, but they are not accreditations these installers have had to require before.  

“At this stage, it is understood that only a handful of spray foam insulators are accredited, with the majority not intending to obtain these accreditations, given the complexity and cost involved, as well as the fact that the scheme will end in just five months, thereby questioning the return on investment.”

Neil concluded: “Whilst the opportunity is certainly there, there is a serious risk that householders and the industry will be unable to fully benefit from this, due to constraints on the supply and installation of the product.”