Register for ‘Discover Structural Bonding & Adhesives Design Performance’ webinar

RCI’s sister magazine Eureka, in association with Loctite, will be hosting a webinar called Discover Structural Bonding & Adhesives Design Performance on Wednesday 30 June at 10:00am.

In the webinar, attendees will discover where structural adhesives are being used and how they can help you to reach new design possibilities.

Hosted by Bob Goss and Dr Julie Joseph, senior technology specialists at Henkel, the webinar is about structural adhesives including joint design for adhesive bonding. The hosts will take you through various adhesive technologies including epoxies, acrylics, polyurethanes, silane modified polymers and silicones.

Designed for engineering applications within a huge range of industries, structural adhesives provide reliable, long-lasting bonding and sealing where load-bearing and other structural conditions are required.

Key learning points from the webinar:

  • An introduction to structural bonding
  • Joint design principles for adhesives
  • Product and Technology options
  • Real life application case histories
  • How Loctite can help.

Register now for the Discover Structural Bonding & Adhesives Design Performance webinar, which is taking place on Wednesday 30 June at 10:00am.