ROCKWOOL develops CPD to promote fire safety of multifunctional roofs

ROCKWOOL has launched a new CPD module to help roofing contractors and specifiers assess and mitigate potential fire safety risks for flat roofs used as additional functional space of a building.

This CPD aims to improve understanding of the role of the modern flat roof as the role changes to encompass more uses such as storing HVAC equipment and solar installations, as well as how to identify and mitigate fire risks above and below the roof and is based on the recently launched whitepaper ‘Flat roofs: The functional fifth façade’.

The company says that this expanding remit, especially for high rise buildings in crowded cities, brings multifaceted challenges to specification and building design.

Lisa Stephens, product manager – building envelope at ROCKWOOL UK, said: “By taking part in this CPD module, roofing professionals will learn about the implications of practical and social installations on flat roofs, and their impact on design and build.

“The CPD also addresses the situation surrounding solar PV installations and how this is reflected in regulations and guidance.”

Participants in the ‘Flat roofs: The functional fifth façade’ CPD will learn about the requirements of the Building Regulations for flat roofs and the role of guidance documents like Approved Document B, or regional equivalents. The final section of the CPD outlines ROCKWOOL’s range of fire-resistant stone wool insulation products that are compatible with a variety of modern flat roof systems.

The new module is available through the manufacturer’s bespoke learning platform, ROCKWOOL Learning, or as a traditional in-person course.

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