Roofing industry joins together to raise standards

It is reported that nearly every leading roofing trade federation in the UK, alongside some of the nation’s top contractors, industry leaders, training groups and manufacturers have voted to back a proposal to develop a coordinated and joined up Roofing Sector Assessment Infrastructure and Sustainability Plan. This is said to be a move designed to support contractors and raise standards in every sector of the roofing business.

The vote was made by delegates at a conference organised by a new organisation, the National Construction Training Services (NCTS), who will now work with the rest of the industry to seek CITB funding to develop a solid national assessment infrastructure. This will involve training new assessors to increase the national capacity for assessment across all roofing disciplines.

Concerns are said to be growing in relation to the withdrawal of CRO CSCS Cards by 2020, with the number of roofers requiring qualifications expected to increase rapidly. Immediate action and unified sector planning is therefore said to be needed to address critical assessment issues and support contractors by raising standards and qualifications.

The NCTS, formed to bring together all sectors of the roofing industry, to improve training and craft skills, says the delegate decision to apply for funding, is welcome and long overdue.

Phillip Fergusson, managing director, commented: “Delegates heard that we are critically short of assessors needed to work with the contractors and qualify the workforce. This situation will worsen as qualified people retire and leave the industry. This, in turn, impacts on the skills we need and the commitment we must make to support contractors to gain the qualifications they will need for the future.

“I am delighted that the NCTS is now acting as the catalyst to bring together all sectors of the industry to address these problems and get the funding we need. We, in turn, shall be working with all the trade federations, roofing training groups, contractors, manufacturers, other training centres and individuals to deliver those skills.”

Conference delegates representing the Single Ply Roofing Association, Mastic Asphalt Council, Liquid Roofing and Waterproofing Association, the Lead Contractors Association and Federation of Traditional Metal Roofing Contractors, Metal Roofing Contractor Association; alongside roofing training groups and leading contractors and such as Bracknell, Briggs Amasco, Langley and training organisations from every part of the UK, will now apply for funding as the first stage in improving the roofing sector assessment infrastructure and raising the profile of roofing.

The NCTS will reportedly launch its own campaign to raise awareness within industry prior to launching a major new training centre in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, next year, which is the first of many planned across the country.