Selco supports food donation station

Selco’s Leeds Roundhay branch has donated the materials needed for a permanent food stand for a Leeds school which collects and distributes food to vulnerable families in its local area.

Primley Wood Primary School, based on Fir Tree Rise, collects donations of surplus food from supermarkets and makes it available to the local community, with particular focus on families badly affected by the cost of living crisis.

To help create a more inviting environment for people to collect the food, the school’s Parent and Teacher Association sought to create a permanent food stand.

Jordan License, head teacher of Primley Wood Primary School, said: “With the pandemic and the cost of living crisis, some families in the local community have come under severe financial pressure over the last few years.

“We wanted to do something to help and have created good relationships with supermarkets to enable us to offer their surplus food to local residents.

“At the moment, the produce is available for collection free of charge from crates but we want to encourage more families to feel comfortable collecting the food so had our sights set on building a permanent structure.

“We are hugely grateful to the team at Leeds Roundhay Selco for providing the materials. It’s going to make a significant difference to residents living near the school.

“We have around 300 children in the school, but this scheme is open not only to those families but also the wider community.”

Matt Keith, branch manager of Selco Leeds Roundhay, said: “The service offered by Primley Wood Primary School is a fantastic initiative and, as soon as we heard about it, we had no hesitation pledging the materials for the new food stand.

“At Selco, we are committed to doing what we can to support the local communities in which we operate. This is an extremely worthwhile project and we hope our backing will play a small part in supporting vulnerable families through a testing time.”

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