Structural steel fire protection guidance from Promat

promatPromat UK has published what it has called an authorative white paper providing valuable information on structural steel fire protection.

Introduction to Making the Right Choice acknowledges the increasing popularity of steel structures, which now account for 70% of the available multi-storey framed market, and shares the company’s expertise on the passive fire protection options for this type of construction.

Ian Cowley, business development director for Promat, said: “A recent poll which Promat undertook revealed that 56% of architects believe they have the largest single influence on decisions around steel frame fire protection. Making the correct choice is obviously vital, so our aim was to produce a document which gives the information that construction professionals need for the decision-making process.”

With over 50 years experience as a supplier of passive fire protection solutions, Promat also intends for the white paper to stimulate greater awareness of the topic. The document is structured into various sections, including an introduction to the subject; the challenges facing the specification community; various fire protection options; key specification considerations; requirements for castellated / cellular beams; conducting the correct thickness checks; and a fire protection design guidance overview.

The report also evaluates the most popular protection solutions, such as intumescent paints and board-based systems, as well as cementitious and gypsum sprays.

Mr. Cowley added: “We wanted to assess their individual strengths and their potential drawbacks, so that people can make an informed choice.”

Other influencing factors such as costs, build programs, weather, curing times, plus repair and maintenance are all considered in the document. The white paper concludes with a general overview of fire protection design.

To download the white paper for free, click here