Superglass pledges to help local people save on energy bills

Insulation manufacturer Superglass has partnered with Start Up Stirling to cover 50% of the costs of the charity’s Home Starter pack programme during the winter to help local people combat rising energy costs.

The financial support from Superglass will help create additional tenancy packs with weighted blankets, warm socks, hot water bottles and flasks. The packs are designed to help local people make their new accommodation a home while helping them to save money on their fuel bills.

Some of the items in the pack will be provided by Superglass themselves alongside the financial support.

Start Up Stirling’s Home Starter packs help give people the best chance of succeeding in new tenancies. The additional tenancy packs will include a guide of practical steps, provided by Superglass, to help tenants keep energy bills down.

Superglass staff will also support Start Up Stirling through a volunteering programme.

Research has shown that people in rural locations spend between 10% and 20% more on everyday requirements than urban areas. Through targeting support in the city of Stirling and rural towns and villages throughout the Stirling Council area, both Superglass and Start Up Stirling hope to mitigate this for local communities.

Theresa McLean, CEO of Superglass, said: “Superglass has been a major employer in Stirling for decades and we are committed to supporting our local community. The work that Start Up Stirling does is vital in supporting people in our area and we’re very proud to support them.  

“Our expertise lies in keeping buildings warm and energy bills low. It’s important that in these times of spiralling energy cost, we make sure the most vulnerable people in our community can keep warm this winter. The guide we have produced is available on our website for anybody who needs it.”

Julie Christie, communities and fundraising manager for Start Up Stirling, added: “We are extremely grateful for the support of businesses like Superglass, particularly in terms of helping people keep warm over what will be a very challenging winter for many people.”  

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