World Green Roof Day’s window of opportunity for urban greening

An example of Wallbarn's M-Tray modular green roof solution installed on a garden building
An example of Wallbarn's M-Tray modular green roof solution installed on a garden building

Green roof manufacturer Wallbarn has joined forces with World Green Roof Day (WGRD) organisers in calling for people to look out of their windows and identify flat roofs that would be perfect for transforming into insect and bird friendly green roofs.

“Bus stops, single-story extensions, garages, home offices, bike sheds, log stores and summer houses are all potentially great hosts for green roofs,” said Julian Thurbin, director of Wallbarn.

“It doesn’t matter how small the space, but imagine the impact that greening just a small percentage of the millions of square metres of flat roofs in London would have on its environment and natural habitat? And imagine that impact rolled out across the UK?

“It is something we are already doing with our M-Tray modular green roof, working with homeowners, garden designers, commercial landscapers, developers and roofing contractors to green a wide variety of smaller flat roofs. Almost any roof is suitable, and these small actions can have big consequences, helping to create wildlife corridors across urban areas. We therefore encourage everyone to look out of their windows and take pictures of flat roofs they’d like turned into mini wildlife havens.”

World Green Roof Day is taking place on 6 June, 2020, and was set up by Chris Bridgman of Bridgman & Bridgman. It is being delivered by green roof expert Dusty Gedge. Chris said: “By celebrating green roofs and the environmental benefits they provide, we hope that cities across the globe see the value of greening roofs. WGRD allows us to celebrate green roofs and the benefits they bring to people and nature.”

WGRD will also see the formal launch of the Green Roof Organisation (GRO), a UK trade body that is responsible for the green roof code of practice and is now a legal entity.

You can post pictures of flat roofs that would make perfect green roofs (or already completed inspiring green roofs) on social media to #WGRD2020.

WGRD is supported by,, the European Federation Green Roofs and Walls, International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA), Europe Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC) and World Green Roof Infrastructure Network (WGIN). /

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