YBS Insulation champions women in construction

YBS Insulation is a strong advocate when it comes to championing women in construction
YBS Insulation is a strong advocate when it comes to championing women in construction

YBS Insulation champions women in the construction sector and believes that equality should be a priority.

A core company value, which is promoted throughout the business, is ‘Better Together’, which involves creating a working environment in which all departments work closely together, and despite being a growing business, YBS has maintained a family ethic within the teams.

Simon Sharkey, managing director at YBS Insulation, said: “Equality should be a priority and this is an important element of maintaining an efficient and happy working environment. I have no doubt that we will welcome many more women into the business in a variety of roles over the coming years and as the business grows.”

According to construction careers website Go Construct, some 37% of new entrants coming into the construction sector from higher education are women. It also estimates that 14% of the total workforce in this sector are now female. In a historically male industry, it is vitally important that women feel empowered and are encouraged to progress in the construction industry.

Encouraging women to enter the industry and progress is something that YBS believes in strongly, and this approach has benefited greatly to the growth of the business. Over the recent years, many women have been recruited into a variety of positions within YBS, including senior management positions from national sales manager, sales office manager, customer service advisor, cavity closure supervisor, to the newly recruited marketing manager.

Naomi Childerley and sibling Natasha have both experienced progression within the company within varying roles. Naomi has been with YBS for almost six years, having started her career as a machine operative. She was then promoted to customer service advisor.

Talking about her development and progression within the company, Naomi said: “Despite seeing an improvement in the way customers perceive women in construction, I often have to work harder in order to overcome these perceptions. I’ve done this by expanding my technical knowledge and remaining confident. The working environment at YBS is very supportive and this has aided my career progression.”

Natasha has also been successful in progressing in her role, having started out as a machine operator in 2010 and then being promoted to a cavity closure supervisor.

“I enjoy what I do and feel proud to have progressed in my role,” said Natasha. “The hardest thing is struggling to find suitable workwear clothing for women. This goes to show that there is still some way to go in terms of changing perceptions.”