BBA appoints new head of marketing

Wendy Ajuwon is now head of marketing at the BBA
Wendy Ajuwon is now head of marketing at the BBA

Wendy Ajuwon has been appointed as head of marketing at the British Board of Agrément (BBA), the UK’s building products certification organisation.

Wendy joined the BBA earlier this year, bringing with her more than 15 years of experience spanning all aspects of media production, public relations, advertising, customer experience and marketing gained around the globe working for – and with – a broad range of organisations including the BBC, Subaru Motors and Samsung.

“Working at the BBA gives me the opportunity to help shape the marketing direction of a pedigreed organisation that provides expert service in product approval and certification, audit and inspection and testing to construction product manufacturers. It is a role I inhabit with pride,” said Wendy.

“In addition to this, helping to promote the core values of courage, integrity, quality, loyalty, collaboration, passion and accountability that the BBA embodies and strives to provide to construction product manufacturers, trade associations, specifiers, contractors, the government and the public at large, gives me a sense of purpose and achievement. These lofty ideals and realistic execution displayed by staff and management as they continually push bounds to create excellence in the industry and for the public interest, has made this an ideal place for me,” she added.