Colour and texture become a choice with Klober vent tiles


To assist roofing contractors and developers achieve the highest aesthetic possible for their roofs, Klober says it offers a unique vent tile matching and granulation service. This is said to allow customers to achieve a consistent finish across potentially conspicuous components and the roof as a whole, to deliver a ‘top-quality’ look, especially on higher-end developments.

Customers submit a sample of tile to a dedicated department at the company’s head office in Castle Donington, which then seeks to deliver a match in texture and colour. The department reportedly also holds a collection of popular stock tiles from a wide range of manufacturers – such as Redland – for reference purposes. Ideally, the custom vents will be provided within five days.

Most granulation is on Klober’s Plain Tile Vents, which are kept in stock, with the Uni-Plain Tile Vent with brown granulation being the most common. All other vents are refinished to order. The service is incredibly popular with over 23,000 vents being matched and/or granulated last year.