CUPA PIZARRAS expands its portfolio with new CUPA 50

CUPA PIZARRAS has launched CUPA 50, a non-carbonated, deep grey slate and with a uniform, smooth surface and thin laminations, which can also be produced in larger sizes, making it a versatile option for the UK market – ideal for both new builds and renovations.

With a strong reputation and a rich history of quality slate production, the site of the product’s extraction is newly acquired by CUPA PIZARRAS. The company is currently building a new factory in order to further its capacity, as part of its ongoing investment and expansion.

CUPA 50 will be available in a range of sizes between 20x20cm and 64x45cm – popular dimensions in the UK market. It also comes in a range of thicknesses, from 3.7mm to 7.5mm. A variety of formats that are traditionally difficult to source will also be available.

CUPA PIZARRAS prides itself on the durability of its slate solutions. This is guaranteed by the company’s meticulous approach to quality control throughout the entire slate production process. CUPA 50 is no exception – undergoing thorough examinations to test properties such as water absorption and temperature extremes. These tests offer customers the assurance that the slate can endure the harshest weather conditions, and provide a long life of over 100 years.

Steve Pearson, UK director at CUPA PIZARRAS, commented: “We are delighted to be adding yet another product line to our portfolio, especially within the current economic climate.

“Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been able to expand and continue to support our customers with regular lead times and excellent product availability. The new CUPA 50 quarry will only help to bolster that service further.”