DuPont Tyvek sails through BS 5534 tests

All DuPont Tyvek roof underlays are now in compliance with BS 5534 regulations following tests in line with the new requirements for resistance to wind uplift in pitched roofs.

DuPont Building Innovations says three of its advanced breather membranes – including DuPont Tyvek Supro – have sailed through qualification for the new code, meeting the new criteria for all wind zones. The company says this means it now offers a comprehensive range of BS 5534 compliant membranes with full certification.

DuPont Tyvek Supro is a premiere breather membrane with an established track record of protecting roofs against wind and rain while also enhancing energy efficiency.

DuPont’s BS 5534 compliant membranes also include DuPont Tyvek Supro Plus, which offers the same benefits of the original solution but with an integral adhesive lap tape designed for use in the Tyvek ?sealed roof system’ for increased energy performance, and now also for additional security against wind uplift.

The final solution to comply with the newly revised regulations is DuPont Tyvek Enercor Roof, a metallised version of the vapour-open roofing membrane designed to optimise the thermal performance of a building while providing wind uplift resistance.

These membranes are suitable for use in pitched roof systems at maximum batten gauge in all five categorised wind zones, when the products are installed in line with BBA certificate 08/4548 and DuPont’s own trusted technical guidance.

DuPont says it offers simple, practical and professional solutions to meet the new wind uplift requirements, without the need for any special installation processes or accessories. All three versions of the membrane have a BBA certificate, full CE marking and a Declaration of Performance (DoP), and each can be easily installed.

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