Fireshield used in upgrade of residential building in London

With today’s focus on fire performance of façades across all types of construction, projects to replace and upgrade existing combustible cladding types are increasingly common.

At Goldfinch Court, client Hills Partnership working with PCKO Architects undertook this project to replace and upgrade an existing residential façade, comprising combustible ACM panels and rigid foam insulation.

In addition to mineral fibre insulation and non-combustible cladding panels, the architects specified the Fireshield vapour permeable membrane from the A. Proctor Group.

Correctly installed in accordance with the A. Proctor Groups guidance by contractors Facade Cladding Solutions, Fireshield has an intumescent composition that actively reacts to prevent fire taking hold. This coating extinguishes fire rather than just resisting it, and significantly reduces the formation of droplets and smoke.

Fireshield complies with BS5250, BS4016 and NHBC requirements for vapour permeable walling underlays. It is installed and fixed to the substrate in the same manner as standard breather membranes using mechanical fixings.

Applications include both commercial and residential buildings including apartments and student accommodation, as well as rainscreen cladding and applications over 18m high.

Fireshield is BBA certified, and has LABC and LABSS registered details, allowing designers to specify with confidence.