Glidevale Protect provides new solutions for solar roofs

Protect A1 Solar roofing underlay.
Protect A1 Solar roofing underlay.

Following the recent updates to the NHBC standards, building products manufacturer Glidevale Protect is supporting roofing contractors with reliable technical information and a wide range of compliant ventilation and roofing underlay solutions.

Following the recent uplift to Building Regulation Part L and the consultation period for the proposed Future Homes Standard, the new NHBC Standards 2024 builds on the need for more energy efficient homes by offering new guidance on the use of integrated in-roof solar PV panels and the associated ventilation strategies that need to be implemented depending on the type of roofing underlay used, in alignment with BS 5250, the code of practice for managing moisture in buildings.  To help contractors achieve compliance, Glidevale Protect has a comprehensive collection of membrane and ventilation products available for use on all cold and warm pitched roofs where in-roof solar PV panels are being installed.

One new addition to the range is Protect A1 Solar, a heavy duty, type HR impermeable roofing underlay. The 145gsm membrane offers unrestricted use in wind uplift zones 1-5 at the maximum batten gauge of 345mm to BS 5534, suitable for use throughout the UK & Ireland. Together with Glidevale Protect’s extensive choice of high and low level ventilation options, Protect A1 Solar offers one of a number of trusted solutions to reduce risk of condensation forming on the underside of in-roof solar PV panels. This can ensure that the correct ventilation strategy is in place, avoiding risk of rotting roof timbers. Due to its impermeable design and high resistance to water vapour transfer, Protect A1 Solar eliminates the need for a ventilated counter batten space above the membrane, saving labour time and material cost.

Other Glidevale Protect pitched roofing membranes such as vapour permeable, type LR underlays can also be used in conjunction with appropriate ventilation when in-roof solar PV panels are being installed. The Glidevale Protect Technical team offers complete guidance to aid specification via a full roof ventilation strategy and house type take off.

Matt Neary, product manager at Glidevale Protect said: “We are pleased to offer a complete range of membrane options which, when used in conjunction with our ventilation products, gives our customers a tried and tested product package where integrated, in-roof solar PV panels are used.”

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